Holidays! And relax of course. How can we help you get it? It’s simple really. You go through the same process every time you are planning a trip. Find your desired destination, check as much offers as you can for flight tickets (hundreds of airlines) and hotels (thousands of them to pick from). That takes a lot of time, especially when you take ratings into consideration. Of course you have the option to pick the first one you will find and either overpay terribly or end up in a 3 star hotel with the label and a price-tag of a 5 star resort. Now what if there was somebody that does all this for you? And you can get what you deserve and want in a few simple clicks. Now that is our PURPOSE!
Once a year, go someplace you have never been before.Dalai Lama
We regularly check loads of different airlines. Starting point for our offer is a great priced return flight to some interesting destination. We have no area of focus when it comes to holidays. One day you can find amazing tip for holidays in Maldives, the day after you can take your family for an adventure in Iceland. The choice is yours. You’ll find something interesting for every person and every mood. Second step for us is finding the best accommodation. We take number of things into consideration. Distance to the airport, beach, city, hotel reviews, features and price just to name few. We always try to provide few hotels to pick from. Each target at different group and with various pricing. Whether you are looking for a party hotel on the beach or family resort for your kids to enjoy. You’ll find it here. We don’t waste time with stories about the country or the offer itself. This is not a travelers blog. This is page to find great holidays!
I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.Mary Anne Radmacher
Veronica and Peter – couple from Slovakia currently living in Gibraltar. We both love traveling and that is where our journey started. Sadly, we are not millionaires so we had to find a way to travel on a budget and we became “holiday hunters”. Veronica’s childhood dream was to go to Maldives. In February 2015 we found a great deal and we went. How great? 390€ return flight tickets, less than 1900€ for the whole trip for both of us. Spend 12 days there in two different hotels where they literally brought food to our room three times every day. Try looking for something like that with a travel agency, I dare you :-). This is just one of many success stories of our “hunting” season. We have been to Egypt, Canary islands, London, Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Malaga under similar conditions in 2014 alone. All this can be yours. Just pick your tip!
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.Confucius
We want to bring you great deals but obviously we needed a way to pay for all of this. We have ugly adds on the side of the page that just ruins your experience. This was not the way for us. What we ended up doing is affiliate business. We have many partners, hotels, airlines etc. The way it works is every time we sell a deal, we get part of the sellers profit. This money doesn’t add up to your price at all. We are just splitting the profit. One thing is important for us. We never pick hotel based on our profit. This is not a factor. If there is a deal and we don’t have an affiliate partner that offers it, we’ll put it up anyways. People should travel and see the world. That is our main motivation. This page won’t make us millionaires, it will make you a number of valuable memories and that is what count for us.
The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.Sir Richard Burton