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Cheap Flight Tickets to Los Angeles – city of angels and stars

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USA has a lot to offer. You can find almost everything in it’s 50 states. Today we have chosen 3rd largest by size and largest by population. You guest it right, get ready for CALIFORNIA. These cheap flight tickets to Los Angeles brings you to the heart of this amazing state. It’s unique location makes it great for holidays during the whole year. Average temperature varies from 13 degrees in January to 22 in July and August. There’s much more to it than just the weather thought. Let’s go one by one.

Flight tickets

Direct return flight from London for final Price £330

Departure 26 January - Return 02 February

Direct return flight from London for final Price £330

Departure 26 January - Return 04 February

Direct return flight from London for final Price £330

Departure 26 January - Return 07 February


Hollywood Deal



The best location ever to meet some Hollywood stars because Walk of Fame is only 400 meters away 😉 Apartments are fully equipped with all basic appliances, furniture and utilities. Accommodation has a nice garden with barbecue facilities and the sun terrace is nearby.

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Down Town Deal



Downtown Area is the best choice for you if you like entertainment, food and nightlife. Rooms have a very nice design in this hotel and the beds are very comfortable. You can visit hotel’s spa after a long day of adventures. Very good price for the room int this location.

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Beach Deal



This apartment building is next to the beautiful Venice beach where you can enjoy sun and pacific ocean. Modern beachfront apartments has fully-equipped gourmet kitchen. This location is a good choice for you if you prefer romantic beach walks, sun and relax.

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Home of thousands and thousands movies and movie stars, it gave birth to a whole new way of life. Luxurious parties full of celebrities, famous directors, visiting the sets of the most well known movies. All of this for the price of these cheap flight tickets to Los Angeles. Make sure to stop by at Universal Studios Hollywood. It is an amazing experience for both kids and adults. Another stop for every movie lover should be the famous Walk of Fame. And how could we forget about the most obvious of them all. Hollywood sign. This marvelous landmark is approaching it’s hundredth birthday. It was built in 1923 but it’s future was in jeopardy in the early 70ties. It took 9 donors and about $250,000 to restore it to it’s former glory.


Another amazing stop on your LA trip itinerary. It gave inspiration to more than a brand of alcoholic beverage. Currently it’s a home to about 13000 lucky citizens. Located on the west end of the city, it’s one of the best beach retreats for the wealthy elite. It was the set for many sitcoms and movies. 2 and a half men, Iron man and Californication just to name few. Average house price in Malibu is $2,580,200 so start saving up 🙂


Architecture sticks to the rich and famous. This is why there’s a lot to see in Los Angeles. Just keep your eyes open. Visit Walt Disney’s concert hall for some modern breeze or check a project like Angels Flight that shows you the spirit of the city as it was in early 1900.

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We are trying to find exceptional places for you,  your family and friends.  Things we take into consideration are reviews, location, distance from airport, beach, town center and points of interest.