We proudly present our newest service – Holiday on demand

Are you interested in a particular destination? Send us a filled in form that you find below this message and we’ll try to find an offer for you.
Shocking but true. We bring holiday on demand to you free of any charge. Enjoy!
We can’t guarantee our response or response time. Since there is just two of us and there’s a lot of you guys who want great holidays. If we choose your request, we will try to find the best offer we can and sent it to you right away. Then we’ll give you some time to buy it (generally few hours). Then we post it on the page. Those few hours gives you a head start before somebody steals your seat in the plane 🙂 Remember, great deals generally don’t last long.
Choose you destination-wise, we won’t probably waste our time trying to find a great deal in south Spain in the middle of the season. It would always be expensive. Be creative, think out of the box. Leave us an interesting personal note. Holiday on demand tries to send nice people for great holidays, show us you deserve it!

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