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Puerto Rico – enjoy Caribbean life style this autumn

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Often called 51st state of America, Puerto Rico is an ideal place for a summer holiday in the late autumn. Most of its 3.5 million inhabitants are fluent in both Spanish and English. Both of these languages are official languages of this Caribbean country. It covers an area of about 3,500 square miles of a tropical paradise.

Flight tickets to Puerto Rico

Direct return flight from London for final Price £289

Departure 25 November - Return 02 December

Direct return flight from London for final Price £289

Departure 11 November - Return 18 November

Direct return flight from London for final Price £289

Departure 11 November - Return 25 November

Hotels in Puerto Rico




Beautiful resort with plenty of facilities. This one is particularly great for families with children. It is built on 17 acres of tropical gardens with plenty of ducks and swans. Resort offers accommodation in big king villas with a balcony. You can choose from 2 options, city or ocean view. There is a full-service spa and there are 6 on-site restaurants in this resorts. Interior style is very luxurious with king size beds, work area, marble bathroom with a separate shower and a spacious tub.

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This resort is truly amazing. It’s location is great. This is not a bargain deal but if you are looking for the best service on this beautiful island … look no further. You will find yourself in an untouched Caribbean paradise. Get ready to recharge at one of the most luxurious resorts in Puerto Rico. It is surrounded by pristine beaches, wild horses and the world’s brightest bio-luminescent bay. Island is just a short, 20 minute flight from San Juan International Airport.

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Budget Deal



Great budget deal in a nice cozy hotel next to a beautiful beach. You can enjoy the hotel’s spa or the tub on the rooftop terrace with amazing views of the ocean and the nearby beach. Niche restaurant at the Acacia serves local and international cuisine. Hotel is just 20 minutes drive from the airport.

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Average temperature climbs to about 28°C in the summer and the temperature swing between winter and summer is only 6°C. Rain season lasts from April to November making the holiday season reasonably long. Puerto Rico is close to the equator which makes the day length very similar in summer (13 hours) and winter (11hours). There are many tropical animals in Puerto Rico. Parrots, reptiles, amazing sea life and the fauna is not considered to be dangerous. This is great especially for families with children. The most dangerous predator around here is probably human 🙂

Lagos Dos Bocas & Caonillas

These are the names of two amazing lakes in the middle of the island. Each of them is more than 2 miles long. Boat rides are quite frequent, especially if the weather is calm and they offer amazing sights and calm holiday atmosphere. These lakes fill a cleft valley jagged in between central mountains. The scenery it creates makes it one of the suggested stops on your island adventure.

Playa Isla Verde

Playa Isla Verde is a famous beach in San Juan often called “Copacabana of Puerto Rico”. It is more than a mile long and very wide all along the way. It’s location near the city center makes it an ideal spot for people who don’t mind company. This beach is often crowded with huge amount of tanning bodies. It’s an ideal place for summer sport lovers as well.

Rio Camuy Cave Park and Arecibo Observatory from San Juan

One of the world’s most famous observatories in the world. Arecibo Observatory is only 55 miles away from San Juan. Tourist excursions are very frequent and the air-conditioned coach ride is recommended. Rio Camuy Cave Park is nearby and it would be a shame to miss this astonishing natural landmark. There are over 10 miles of caverns with about 220 caves. 17 entrances leads you to this underground palace. Perfect trip for people who don’t mind an adventure.

San Pedro

This one is a perfect stop for coffee lowers. San Pedro is a working coffee farm with an attached museum. It gives you a wonderful inside to the whole process of making coffee. Industry, that is very common in Puerto Rico. Tours are available and coffee tastings are an absolute delight.

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